Archive | September, 2009

Golden Picture Frame

The birthday message is dressed to impress in this ornate, golden picture frame . Every piece of this cake is completely edible although the gold paint might leave a few clues!

North Sea Oil Rig!

This was potentially one of my more challenging commissions! I thought about it for ages, it was ordered back in June so I had plenty of time and I had to research oil rigs in all their glory on the internet. Obviously this one is not technically correct in every way but we need to […]

Snail Trail

I was so excited to be asked to be involved in a book launch. Snail by Peter Williams is being published on October 1st and I was contacted to provide a themed cake for the launch party this weekend. His wife Elinor is creating a classic tea party with a strong snail theme, snail races, […]

I fell deeply and unquestionably in love with this cake and it was a wrench to let it go! It was ordered by a lady for her precious baby boy who was turning one at the weekend. She specifically wanted a cake using baby blues, lilacs and pastel colors and the dragon had to be […]