Archive | April, 2010

All Hens Together Ready to Party!

I obviously have a soft spot for weddings and baby showers and all they entail! I turn from a perfectly sensible, efficient cake maker into an overexcited, distracted cake maker. I haven’t enjoyed making a cake so much since that lovely pregnant tummy cake earlier in the month.These cakes remind me how very, very much […]

Pearl and Lilly Wedding Cake

A very classic combination and unarguably a perfect one! Cala lilies are just screaming out for a tiered cake upon which to sit and look even more beautiful than they are already, in this case they are the icing on the cake! This beautiful cake is a perfect example of a wedding cake where the […]

Pretty Pretty Pretty

There is simply no other word for it! Pink was the order of the day and pink it was. This tiered beauty was ordered for a large family gathering to celebrate a Groovy Granny (her words, not mine) turning 70. Proving the point that us girls never grow tired of PINK!

The Cake of Plenty

This cake was a version of my flower cake but to feed  a crowd. So easy in a 10″ square as you don’t have to give a thought to the complicated world of cutting and portioning it up, just sneakily make sure there’s some leftovers!